Management Team

Title Name Responsibility
Chairman Yen Chen, Li Lien Formal leadership of the board of directors. Represents the company and the board of the directors externally.
President Chung, Clock Responsible for this company management, operation strategy, and orders for the board, and execute accordance to law and decisions from the board.
Senior Vice President UEDA MASANARI Assistant to the President and in charge of directing technology center.
Vice President SHIRAKAMI HIROSHI Assistant to the President and in charge of directing Production Engineering Office.
Vice President KITAZAWA KOICHI Assistant to the President and in charge of directing Purchasing Department.
Vice President Liang, Chao-Yen Assistant to the President, hold the podition of Corporate Governance Officer, and in charge of directing Public Relations Office, Overseas Business Office and Business Planning & Finance Department
Vice President Chu, Anthony Assistant to the President and in charge of directing Total Customer Satisfaction Department, Aftersales Department, Marketing & Sales Department and INFINITI Business Department
Vice President Lee, Chia-Chi Assistant to the President and in charge of directing Integrated Operation Support Department and Product Planning Office
Senior General Manager OZAKI KAZUHIRO Operation planning, monitoring and management of achieving goals.
Marketing & Sales Department
General Manager
Lo, Kylie
  1. Brand Marketing Planning and Management
  2. Strengthen the difference strategy buildup the brand value
  3. Management and motivation of Dealers as well as management of car production, sales and distribution
  4. Utilize data to create revenue through digital distraction and leverage digital transformation to integrate online and offline channels
INFINITI Business Department
General Manager
Lai, Michael
  1. Plans Brand Operation Strategy, and building up brand’s value
  2. Distribution channel development, planning and implementing operation management criteria
  3. Actively utilize market information, to predict and guide the marketing direction
  4. Regulation and implementation of service policy and management standards
  5. Planning and implementation of educational training for Distributors
Aftersales Department
General Manager
Hsieh, Yu-Chou
  1. Regulation and implementation of service policy and standard management
  2. Planning and deployment of educational training for the Dealers
  3. Establish and deployment of customer satisfaction enhancement standard and management
  4. Parts distribution and management
  5. Parts procurement and inventory volume control
Product Planning Office
General Manager
Lee, Jerome
  1. Planning and guiding a product that conforms to the market needs and with competitive strength
  2. Plans IT product and strategy, enhance the product’s added value
  3. Conduct market survey and information gathering; get hold of consumer’s requirements and evaluation on the product
  4. Perform long term pricing management, institute accurate pricing strategy so as to ensure product competitive strength
Total Customer Satisfaction Department
General Manager
Liu, Wai-Chih
  1. Planning and promotion of the QA strategies and the QA system
  2. Quality supervision business
  3. Product quality information feedback and improvement
Yulon Nissan Technology Center
General Manager
Tu, Jen-Chung
  1. Car model and parts development
  2. Subcontracted parts component quality verification and engineering specification test confirmation
  3. Vehicle’s Regulation related verification/application and supervisory confirmation
Production Engineering Office
General Manager
Chou, Chiung-Ming
  1. Planning of new model
  2. Deployment, production and sorting of the manufacturing plans
  3. Equipment Investment Planning, applying, and management
  4. Technology Information Authorization
  5. Planning and Deployment of Factory Annual Plans
  6. As a window between the NML, responsible for technology guidance and assigning, maintenance research
Purchasing Department
General Manager
Chou, Yen
  1. Purchasing business planning and management, and parts subcontractors management
  2. Car parts purchasing
Integrated Operation Support Department
General Manager
Yang, Wanda
  1. Human Resources Management and Labor-Capital Relation Development and Benefits Planning
  2. General miscellaneous affairs management
  3. Law affairs and negotiations
  4. System Maintenance and management
Business Planning & Finance Department
General Manager
Tsai, Bess
  1. Operation Planning, monitoring and management of achieving goals
  2. Management of fund utilization and Avoid foreign currency risk
  3. Law, Stock Affair, Shareholders Meeting relevant business
  4. Provide analysis data of Corporate Financial Meeting, Taxation relevant business and operation