Management Philosophy

Steadfast & Innovative: A Leader of Our Times

By strengthening the relationship with the technology provider, NISSAN, through the powerful management team and the exploration of new business opportunities in cross-strait markets, YNM is let to create maximized synergy effect and shareholder equity. As our operations expand and management becomes more internationalized, YNM follows 3 management philosophies:

Achieve customer satisfaction

Create prosperity for the corporation

Contribute to the welfare of society

Corporate Vision

Becoming the Benchmark Company of “Product Innovation” and “Service Innovation” in the Cross-Strait Auto Industry

Carrying YULON Group’s grand prospects for the new millennium, YNM shoulders great responsibilities to integrate NISSAN Motor’s international resources, expand the operation scale of Taiwan market, and venture into the international market. In addition to the focus on domestic sales, YNM has provided greater synergy to YULON Group as a whole by extending its market scope to include China, Southeast Asia and other regions through its strong partnership with NISSAN Motor Co., Ltd.

Participating in NISSAN's international division structure, YNM strives to provide competitive automotive models in line with regional trends and has successfully positioned itself in the global market with its remarkable automotive design competence. In pursuit of optimal customer satisfaction, YNM devotes to achieve excellence in design, R&D, marketing, and services. Through continuous innovative efforts, YNM provides customers with greater value. YNM is determined and committed to becoming the benchmark company of “Product Innovation” and “Service Innovation” in the cross-strait automobile industry.

Corporate Culture

The Spirit of 1st - Innovation, Speed and Teamwork

In a changing environment, shared beliefs and values must be established to motivate employees. Corporate culture not only provides guidance for our employees but also lays the foundation for future development.

To enhance management and keep in pace with the current trends, YNM strives to build a new corporate culture with the values of “Innovation (I), Speed (S) and Teamwork (T).” The connotations of these values manifest YNM’s commitment to be the 1st in the industry.

Through the steadfast corporate culture, YNM develops employees’ core competence to achieve customer-oriented service, successful teamwork, innovation and proactive attitudes. YNM’s corporate culture is to be further rooted to become part of the employees’ personal values and help YNM to gain advantages in the competitive global market. Each success further attests to the superiority of YNM’s corporate culture.